Monday, March 23, 2015

The power of pink


     Most people have one particular thing that makes them stand out in a crowd. Maybe they're extremely tall or very short, red hair or even blue...  When people refer to me, they could come up with a million things.  The girl with the brace, short, talks like there's no tomorrow, obsessed with chocolate and frogs... The list is endless.  But if you were to Google the word "pink", my picture would definitely be next to it!

     Of all the colors known to represent power, pink makes me feel like "Wonder Woman". Sure, black is slimming and red absolutely makes a statement, but pink is like a great big hug.  

     Call me crazy (I've been called it in the past) but there is nothing in the world that makes me feel more powerful than pink (except maybe pink frogs!). I don't need anything else to put me in a good mood. In my mind when I wear this color I'm taller, I run faster (lol), and I can even feel my smile shine brighter.  

     When you commit to the color there are no rules, as long as it's pink.  A while back I was getting new glasses and they were pink (imagine that...).  The lady said "Hey! they match your outfit!"  I told her if I came back the next day she would say the same thing:)

    When I was at an MS self-help group meeting the other day, one of the attendees happened to be a service dog. He was very well trained and knew his job.  But as lovable as he appeared to be, if you were able to read his sign you would know not to disturb him, because he was working.  However, this picture proves my theory.  This tiny little puppy couldn't read, yet she didn't have to follow that rule because she was wearing pink, and when you wear pink it doesn't matter how big you are, because there's always power in pink.

Have a great day!!


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