Friday, April 17, 2015

Anyone who cares is a care partner


     The second Tuesday of ever month I go to an MS self help group meeting.  It isn't like an AA group; we can't make MS go away or pledge to stay away from it.  But what we can do is share tips on how to make the best of our life as we know it.

     In fact, it's encouraged that we focus on what we have rather than what we don't.  We always start the meeting by telling the best thing that happened to us in the last month, and the worst thing is supposed to be checked at the door:)
   Next month the meeting will focus on the most important people in our lives, and that would be "care partners".  We all have different challenges but we aren't the only ones living with this disease.  Our loved ones face just as many challenges as we do but they don't always get the credit.  

     No two situations are alike and a care partner can come in many different forms as well.  Someone with limited mobility might need that extra set of hands or feet, where as someone with hearing deficit might need a spare set of ears.  Then again, maybe it's simply just someone to listen.

     No matter what our situation is, our loved ones are our rock.  The key word in "care partner" is "care", and all anybody asks for is someone who truly cares.  Not necessarily someone to live our lives, but walk in our shoes and understand.  They might not have all the answers, but will stand by you and help you figure it out.  And anyone fortunate enough to find them should feel so grateful to know they aren't going through this alone.

Here's to all the people who "care".

Have a great weekend!!


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