Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a ways until the Bike To The Bay but our frogs are hopping!

     It's hard to believe the MS BTTB is approaching again.  It seems like we just got finished with the last one, and now it's less than three months away.  I'm very humbled by how many people are trying to support my mission, and there is no way I can let them down.  So you will see me working harder than ever to raise awareness and donations again, and prove that all it takes is a leap of faith, and anything is possible.

     I have a commitment from almost all of my sponsors from last year for our team shirts, and Team Leapfrog is well underway.  A couple of team members have already sold quite a few pink leapfrog shirts from last year for a 20.00 donation to help our team, which is a good thing, because I still have several more that need a good home.  Let me know if you're a big fan of pink, you want to adopt some cute frogs, or you just want to help us out by taking one off our hands:) 

     Quite a few donations are in and it's starting to feel real again.  If you can help out at all by riding or donating I would be forever grateful!  You can click on the Bike to the bay up at the top of this page and it will walk you through it.

     It's a little scary to think that I put down a goal of 30,000.00 for my thirty years of MS, but if I don't shoot for the stars how am I supposed to lasso them.  Just think, the star I lasso can be seen from the other end of the earth, so there's a very good possibility we're all working on the same one:)

     Thank you again for supporting my mission, even it's simply by reading my blog!  Stay tuned to see how my bike trails have weathered out the long winter.  I also plan to head up north and check out some new trails very soon:)

Have a great day!!


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