Friday, April 10, 2015

Anyone with a bike and a good heart is a prospect!

        I've mentioned that Team Leap frog was based on a leap of faith that we can do this (not to mention my love of frogs).  But we're seeing a whole new meaning to the "leap" aspect of our team.  

     The team started out with only me, and as it was, I wasn't even certain I could do it, but was pushed into trying (hence the leap of faith).  As my team grew larger than ever, I started believing more and more in this "faith" concept.

     When I say the "leap" is taking on a whole new meaning, what I mean is, as one one team member finds a conflict in riding this year, miraculously, a new rider somehow leaps into that hole.  

     One of my riding buddies, Robert, had been a huge cyclist for many years and rode in the Bike To The Bay for about 12, along with the team he formed.  About 8 years ago he was bit by the infamous MS Monster himself, giving his ride a whole new direction.

     Last year he decided to throw in the towel for the Bike To The Bay due to the complications he encountered with MS, but offered to help me train for the ride.  Oddly enough, he rode faster and further than I could ever imagine going.  I did complete the ride, and grew my team bigger than I would have ever thought possible.  But I had to question why Robert had thrown in the towel if I was able to do it with 30 years of MS under my belt myself.

     When the next year sign-ups came around Robert actually Joined our team.  The only difference was he signed up for the 75 miles both ways (I'm hoping I can do 50...)  

     Slowly but surely he started asking some of his friends from his old team to ride again and has gotten several commitments.  

     He had been talking to his friends Mary and Kent, who were very anxious to join our team, but neither of them had bikes.  Remember the Bike co op where I go to work on my bike... well Robert figured that would be the perfect place to take them to find a bike.  


     Mary found one that she absolutely fell in love with, and once you're hooked there's no backing out.  Kent, however, is still deciding, but as soon as Mary bought that bike I asked her if that meant she was riding, and she said absolutely!  The only caveat was that she needed someone to train with.  This was music to my ears!  I can always use another riding buddy:) 


     I'm very fortunate to find new team members to fill in some of the empty spaces and very hopeful next year some of the Leapfrogs who are on a sabbatical will be able to leap back in:)

Have a great weekend!!


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