Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't say it unless you mean it:)

        I'm sure we've all had one time or another where we committed to something that in hindsight we asked our selves "what was I thinking??"  I seem to do that a lot!  but I'm usually too stubborn to let it defeat me.

     I'll take all the help I can get when it comes to living life, and though my brace and nerve zapper are actually a godsend when it comes to walking, the things I love the most don't require either of them to do.  When I ride my bike I feel like I am exactly the same as everyone else, so I long for the day I can get back out on it.

     Yes, I took my bike off of my indoor trainer in spite of Mother Nature and her silly games, and it may have been a little premature, but I told you I planned to be out on my bike over the weekend if I had to freeze in the process.  

     Well you should know by now I don't make claims unless I intend to follow through with them, and so I knew in my mind I was riding Sunday if it was the last thing I did.

     Earlier in the week, when I so confidently vowed to ride on the weekend, It was supposed to be in the fifties by then.  Of course, that all changed.  Sunday's projected high was now 42, estimated to peak right before the rain was supposed to role in, about four o'clock PM. 

     But when the day started out it was a mere 23, so we had some cooking to do before it was remotely warm enough to ride.  Just after noon it appeared to be as warm as it was gonna get before the rain would hit and it was only 39 degrees.  In my mind "cold" trumps "cold and wet" anytime, so I put on three shirts, bike leggings, knee socks, winter bike gloves and the warmest coat I could physically ride in, and set out to get this charade over with.

     But don't think I was heading out to some elaborate bike trail; that would mean committing to a ride longer than I thought I could do. 

     The perfect place to ride had to be Olander Park for many reasons... Number one, this park was my first true love, and as cold as it was outside I still felt totally warm inside.  Then being that the lap around the lake was only one mile long, I knew I was always no further than one mile from my warm car at any given time. And lastly, no matter how few people are there, I never feel alone.

     My goal wasn't going to be huge, I mean after all, I was out there, and that's massive in and of it's self.  One or two laps around was just enough to get my feet wet. I've been so desperately waiting to get back out on my bike and I have to remind myself that things don't always happen when I want, but when the time is right. 

   Yes, I was actually out there, like a fool, but what you can't see is every ounce of my body was frozen solid, yet it was so nice to be back there...

     The winter sure did set this park into a deep slumber.  You'll notice by this photo, nothing appears to be living.

        With all of the mounds and mounds of snow from this past winter the grass took a pretty heavy beating, and it will surely take some work to bring it back.

          Now remember, I said I was doing one or two laps around, however, the wind made it not only freezing, but it felt like I was peddling through oatmeal, so as the first lap was coming to an end I told myself "one time" IS "one or two", so that would be it for me.

     Just then I saw a couple more fools out walking, I'm guessing husband and wife, and I asked them if they wouldn't mind taking my picture for my blog to prove I actually got out and rode.  The man said "sure" and took the camera.  I told him I blog about my ride in the Bike To The Bay. He said "Oh, that would explain all of the pink... oh wait... that's breast cancer..."  I told him yes, but ironically I have that under my belt as well as MS.  He then commented that I was too young to have all that stuff going on... I replied "RIGHT?!?!". But here I am:)

     As the couple walked away I thought this wasn't like me to only do the bare minimum of a goal, so you guessed it... I made that second lap.   

     I'm really glad I went around once more; I never noticed this flock of geese the first time.  Proof spring IS here!


     As I got back to my car I thought to myself... maybe I could push the envelope and do one more lap and blow my goal out of the water.  What am I, CRAZY!?!?

     I got in my car and drove home:)

     If my arms were just a little longer I would have patted myself on the back, but instead I just gave the ole' thumbs up!!  Sometimes I just need a little reminder that if I hang in there and weather out the storm, eventually the sun WILL come out:)

Have a great day!!


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  1. Congrats on getting out there in the cold, crazy woman! ;) I love all your, very you, pink bundles! But won't it be great when it's not bundles??


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