Monday, April 27, 2015

Cold AND wind is a perfect excuse to skip the ride...

     You know I'm very strong willed, and I can do anything I put my mind to; or at least come up with a great excuse!

     Last Saturday was a perfect day, in the seventies and sunny.  I knew spring had finally arrived.  So I made plans to take a ride Sunday with a few friends, and though it seems to be tough getting others to start riding until the weather is balmy, I thought it would be nice enough to finally get them out.

     Then on Sunday morning everyone seemed to have "something" going on.  I did manage to get my riding buddy, Robert to have pity on me and go on a ride.

     Time was limited, so we needed to make it somewhere close.  I was already looking for a change from the university Parks trail after ridding there twice this season, so we decided the Green Belt Parkway, which is on the outskirts of downtown Toledo would be a good choice.  

     Yes, this day was cold again and the wind was blowing, but I had no idea just how bad it was.  one thing I did know was, if it was windy, there was no way I was riding my bike on the streets of downtown, because it would be a perfect recipe for "road kill".  

     I remember last summer we met in downtown to get to the Green belt Parkway trail, and as I was riding on the busy street I had to veer ever so slightly to dodge a storm drain, and I swear, I felt a huge truck skim my arm hairs.  Add some wind to the mix and I would be toast for sure.  So we planned to meet in International park, which was right by the trail, across the river.

     I got to the park before Robert, and it sure wasn't as nice of a day as I thought it was.  Notice the flags whipping in the 30 mile an hour wind, and then add that to the 47 degree temps and I had all the excuses I needed to tell Robert I wasn't riding.

     You can see the clouds were even traveling faster than the speed of light, and I would be a fool to ride today.  But I had to at least act like I was attempting to ride, so while I waited for Robert I took my bike out, and started pumping up the tires.  I did not want to ride at all, but I really had to make  the "attempt", and my excuse had to be worth while.  

     The thing is, I forgot to down shift my gears when I ended my ride last week, which happens all too often.  Of course, everyone knows it's not good for your bike if you shift the gears when you're not pedaling, and I knew there was no way that even my strong leg could cut through this wind; it would absolutely feel like cement.

      I tried several times to push off with my strong leg and hope to get the pedal around to throw my week leg on, but it was impossible make the turn.  Oh well, at least I tried...

     Just then, Robert showed up after riding through downtown, while in his bare feet no less.  He rides bare footed because he can't feel the pedals with his shoes on. Now I felt guilty suggesting we skip it, but I made it seem like I was looking out for his best interest.  However, when I told him it's too cold for him to ride in his bare feet he said he was perfectly fine... ugh...

     Next I told him I did a dumb thing on my last ride and left my bike in the highest gear, and I tried, but can't possibly cut through this brutal wind...  once again he had a solution to my problem.  He lifted my back tire, turned the pedal and changed the gear.  I guess my excuses were all used up...

     Sure, there was a smile on my face, but in my mind I was thinking about being somewhere warm and sunny...

     If I don't have a valid excuse I just can't quit, so we took that ride, and though it wouldn't be long, I thought at least I could get some pictures of the signs of spring, but this was all I saw.

     In my book this was not what spring looks like.  But before long I found my sign that spring was coming.  I saw my first Forsythia bush of the season!   

     I told you I'm not a quitter, and I know I'll be looking at warm sunny days eventually, but for now I'll just be thankful I'm riding.

     It seems like every excuse comes with a solution to over come it, and we usually learn something when we do.  In this case it was as simple as knowing after riding in thirty mile an hour wind it sure looks like someone needs a hair cut:)

Have a great day!!


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