Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Someday" always comes eventually; but only if you're patient.

          One word that I often question if it really exists is "someday".  How many times do you run into a friend and you end the conversation with "we should get together someday", then years later you realize "someday" never came.

     I decided it's up to me to make sure "someday" actually happens.  Now whenever someone tells me we should get together someday, I usually say "lets set a date; does Tuesday or Wednesday work better?"  Subsequently, it almost always turns into another meeting.

     Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and my first daughter, Emily, was born, I would find myself saying "Just think, someday she'll be able to walk and talk" and I couldn't wait for that day to come.

     Before long, as my beautiful little girl became mobile, getting into everything under the sun and developing a mind of her own, I found myself questioning why I had been in such a hurry.  Of course, when my son Matt was born I was also anxious to see the day the two of them would become best friends, freeing up some of my time that was consumed by these high maintenance little people.

     But little girls and boys, I soon found out, are very different, and not only did they not play together in total bliss, but I now had double the challenge with both of them pulling me in two different directions.

     Of course, when my third child, Lindsay came along I said "this is great! Someday the two girls will finally form that bond that all sisters have (yea, right...)".  But there were too many years between them and that day never came...

     Through the terrible twos, adolescence and challenging teen years, I found my self waiting for "someday" to come where the three of them actually treated each other like civil human beings; not that I expected them to ever sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya, but If they could even act like they kind of liked each other just a little, I would be thrilled.

     When Emily got married and had her first son William, Matt was hoping that "someday" he would become the "cool uncle", but seeing this tiny little baby made it seem like that day would never come.  

     It finally happened... 

     Emily soon had her second son, Connor, and I saw how fast these little boys were growing right before my eyes. This was when I made it a point to get together at the mall every Saturday afternoon with my daughter and my two grandsons, because I knew I wouldn't have these moments forever.

     Before long, Matt started meeting us as well, and that "cool uncle" thing was finally starting to happen.  It was a win/win situation; Matt chased William, giving Emily a break, and William got to have fun with his uncle and visa versa.

       Last Saturday it was a beautiful day and we decided to go to a park instead of the mall.  Lindsay was going to be in town home from collage and asked if she could join us.  So we picked up KFC and headed to the great out doors.

      This turned into a real family affair, and for the first time I felt like "someday" was here.

     I'm sure William thought he was in heaven; take out food, a park to roam, and all these big people to chase after him.

      Surprisingly, Lindsay didn't seem to be too put out having to spend her Saturday afternoon with her Mom, siblings and little nephews either:)


         All the extra hands gave Emily a break from chasing two little boys all day, and I know this had to be a real treat.

       And once again, there was that "cool uncle"/ nephew bonding time.

     I think William was giving Matt a real run for his money though; he must have scaled the roots of this monstrous tree a million times, as Matt waited at the bottom to catch his fall.

     Whether it was that the kids all wanted to spend time with me, or each other, or they simply came for the free meal, I didn't care.  At least in my head that "someday" was finally here.


     You can try as hard as you want to "make" "someday" come, but at the end of the day, sometimes you just have to be patient.

Have a great day!!



  1. What an awesome "someday!"

    My current "someday" is "someday I'll plan a full day and make it to coffee with a friend at the end of the day before I become exhausted." See you Saturday!


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