Monday, April 20, 2015

It's not just the early bird that gets the worm

     If it was true what they say about the early bird getting the worm I would be up to my eye balls with those slimmy fellas.  Not much gets past me.

     Last Saturday we didn't go to our usual place for breakfast, but the good thing about switching it up a bit is there are more new people to meet.  

     This time we went to Uncle John's Pancake House which was a change, but me getting there early to save the table wasn't.

      When the hostess took me to the table for nine she had set for us, I noticed another table was set up for nine right beside me.  And one lonely gentleman was sitting there as well.  I sat down and asked him if he was sitting with all of his friends like I was, and as he chuckled I knew this would end up in another interesting conversation.

     The man told me he had been going there every Saturday for a very long time and saving a table for a bunch of senior men who call themselves the ROMEOs (how sweet is that!?).  They were all older veterans and they took a little longer to get going, so he gets there early to hold the table.  He mentioned his parents were in there nineties, to which I pointed out that it looks like he has longevity in his future.  He jokingly commented he didn't know if he could hold out that long.  I told him I feel the same way when I think about the questions about my brace everyday for the next 30 or so years, and that was the beginning of yet one more version of my lengthy story...

          Before long, his group of men started filtering in and my table filled in as well.  But soon this table of nine veterans was joined by one token lady.  She looked over and said hi to one of the ladies, Sharon, in my group, whom she obviously knew.

     After breakfast a few of the ladies started leaving, and so did the men.  There were no more than a handful of us left and I began to feel as though I was growing roots, and I had a million things to do that day.  

     I was standing there with my jacket and purse in hand when the last straggler, Judie, from the men's table migrated over to ours.  For what ever reason, I felt inclined to sit back down.

     Judie began to tell us the story of how her husband used to meet with these men every Saturday for a very long time.  her husband, Bill, passed away not too long ago, but before he did he told his wife he wanted her to meet them one Saturday morning so he could buy them all breakfast.  She let Jim ( the gentleman who kept me company when I first got there) know of her intentions and I got chills to think of this man's wonderful spirit living on through his wife.  It was a true love story.

     I asked Judie how long they had been married and she told me 40 years; his first wife had passed away from breast cancer.  I told her I'm an almost 4 year breast cancer survivor  myself, and she congratulated me.  I told her I also have survived MS for 30 years on top of it.  She was amazed and of course, I began to tell her my story about riding in the Bike To The Bay and all of the money we've managed to raise. 

     Before long I noticed Judie had reached into her wallet and started pulling out a twenty dollar bill.  But then as I continued on, her wallet and twenty went onto her lap and under the table.  Maybe she decided to wait and see how my story played out before investing that twenty...

     When my story had come to an end Judie placed that twenty on the table, only, through origami she had turned it into an impressive piece of art.  

          She asked me if I had hair pins because it's a crown and it should be on my head because I'm a princess.  

          Here she was a total stranger, though something told her I was someone worth investing in.  There's that leap of faith again:)  And another BFF...

     Incidently, ROMEO stood for "Retired Old Men Eating Out":)

Sharon and my mom; aren't they cute!!

     It's true, in most cases the early bird gets the worm, but if you don't see the story to the end, you may never witness the happily ever after.

Have a great day!!


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