Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Trails again

          Back in the day, the "weather girl" only had to stand there and look pretty in front of an invisible map on a green screen while she made her weather "guesses" for the day.  All she needed was a quarter and there was a fifty-fifty chance of rain. These days Meteorologists can practically tell you down to the second when the rain will be here and for how long.

     It had been a week since my ludicrous bike ride in the freezing cold, and I desperately wanted to get back out and ride.  The weather forecast predicted rain every day in the week ahead of us, and temps in the forties, with the exception of Monday, which was supposed to be around 60 degrees, and the rain was supposed to be very brief; from 11 to 1 o'clock, so Monday afternoon it was.

     After the rain passed through I had to assess the wet pavement situation.  With my skinny road bike tires there was no way I was riding until the streets were dry.  I've been told the thin tires won't cause me to lose control, but riding in a state of panic will.

     I went to Wildwood Park, which is where I would pick up The University Parks trail and this is what the parking lot looked like.  
     It was obviously going to be a while before it was dry, but I knew it would happen eventually, so I went home and waited for that time to come.  

     A couple hours later I threw on my bike gear and headed  back; what a difference it was.  Look at all the cars now!  Obviously, there were a lot of other people who had the same idea as me.

          However, when I got on the trail it's self, I discovered there were very few people who actually left the park and ventured on to the trail, but that was fine with me; this way I wouldn't have many bikes to dodge.

     I did come across a couple who were out walking and were obviously taking a quick break.  I wanted to get a picture of the trail in it's infancy after the brutal winter and I didn't think this kind looking couple would mind taking it for me.  I was right; they were very sweet.  

           So I'm chalking this one up to my first "official" bike ride for the season.  (after all, the ride last week was actually just a ride down memory lane;)

     One more note before I declare this ride a success; the construction that wasn't finished after the entire summer last year was still waiting to be completed...  


       Oh well, we have all summer ahead of us and we're not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Have a great day!!


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