Friday, April 24, 2015

If they'll walk for the cause maybe they'll ride:)

        A few years back I walked every spring in the Walk MS,  and that was my way of supporting the cause.  But then I discovered my legs work much more efficient when attached to pedals, so I traded my walking shoes in for a couple of tires and started riding in the Bike To The Bay.

     But even though I wasn't walking in this event I figured I might be able snag a few people who were already high from the walk and we could get more people to ride.

     I volunteered to work at the Bike MS booth where it was my job to promote all three rides in this area.  They did request that all the volunteers wear the official MS Society volunteer green shirts, but I really wanted to wear my pink leap frog shirt.  All of the volunteers who had shirts from previous years were instructed to were them and the rest could pick one up when they arrived.  

      Not wearing pink would surely make me feel like a fish (or frog) out of water, so I wore my pink shirt anyway and hoped to blend in, and maybe no one would even notice...  Of course me blending in would be like driving a car with out a muffler; the noise is a dead give away:)  

     You've heard before that it's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission... I wasn't going to ask if it was okay to wear my leapfrog shirt; I simply did it:)

     As you can see no one made a big deal about me being the only volunteer not wearing the official  green shirt, yet several people approached me letting me know they remembered me from my shirt.


        I worked the booth with another long time rider, Linda, and soon figured out I had told my story a couple years back at one of her team's events before the ride, back in the day when I was a "cheer leader" for all those riding for me.  Now I was actually one of them:)

     It was amazing to see how many people were there walking, for those with MS, and many with MS them selves. I saw my friends Rene and Gil there for the walk; they were on my team back in the days when I did the walk and they were continuing the tradition.

     It really doesn't matter if you walk, ride or even crawl, but simply helping us raise money to end this crazy disease is more powerful than you'll ever know.

     With all the research from the money raised it's my hopes that one day we'll be walking together again!

Have a great weekend!!


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