Friday, April 3, 2015

Who's the clown now!?!?

      Well, I'm officially back outside riding so it's time to get serious about the Bike To The Bay.  I can take all the bike rides I want but that isn't what's gonna build my team and raise money.  My bicycle is simply a vessel in my journey.  In fact, if they ever change it to "The Harley to the bay"  I'd probably be all over that.  I need to raise awareness.

     Last spring I utilized every resource I could in order to get some publicity for Team Leapfrog.  If you remember Fred Lefevbre had me on his radio talk show six Friday mornings leading up to the ride and I was starting to think I owned the place.

     He acted as though I was a pain in his side but I think Fred actually liked having me on his show because I was an easy target.  Though all the guff I took from him, I gave right back. 

     One particular Friday I decided to pack my bike up and take a ride downtown before our interview.  Remember, I was a newbie to this bike riding thing and I will admit I did look a little silly, but I didn't think I was going to a fashion show so I didn't care.  Besides, I already knew I had the perfect face for radio...


          When Fred saw me come into the studio dressed like this he had a real field day.  He told his audience that I looked like I was in a European Circus.  You can only imagine all of the E-mails and phone calls I received desperately wanting to know how I was dressed so they could compare it to the image they had in their mind.

     By the end of the summer I was starting to look a little more like a cyclist than a clown, but the main thing was Team Leapfrog was huge and we Raised 22,000.00.  If I have to wear a frog suit next time to raise money then that's what I'll do.

   I mentioned a while back that I've been going to this "Trivia Nite" at Paddy Jacks Grill on Tuesdays and it just so happens Fred Lefevbre is there every single week, rain or shine.  This man takes it super serious though, unlike me who is there  simply for something to do.  

     I told Fred he has to have me on again this spring because it's my 30 year milestone of living with MS.  Of course Fred being Fred said "I don't HAVE TO do anything... it's my show".  But he also knew I wasn't letting up until he agreed, so you'll hear me back on his show this year too:)

    After several weeks of playing I have to say there's no denying Fred's team is pretty good, and they do put their whole heart and soul into it.  But you've heard the old expression "what goes around comes around".  I just couldn't resist and I asked Fred if I could get a picture of him for my blog for the BTTB and of course he knew it was payback time; well here it is... my payback! 

      Call me a Circus clown will you...  Fred claims these ten gallon yellow foam rubber hats bring his team luck and maybe they do.  But if you were to spot me in some European circus I think Mr. Fred would be right there with me and all the other clowns:)

     I guess we all have something or someone that helps build our confidence, for some it's a big goofy yellow rubber hat.

Have a great Easter!!

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  1. I envy your fundraising power! I'm pretty good with the written word, but the in-person one on one stuff I suck at. No one believes I'm an introvert but when it comes to asking for money, no matter how passionate I feel about the cause, that introvert paralyzes me! (I should ask you to mentor me!)

    I used to listen to Fred's show all the time when I was driving to work in the morning. You'll have to post when you'll be on! :)



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