Friday, September 25, 2015

Is it MS or am I just old??

     Living with MS for over 30 years has definitely been an interesting journey.  It's a constant challenge just trying to be a mediator as my brain and body battle it out.  The more they refuse to communicate, the harder I have to  work at building new escape routes, so my muscles can continue to work.

     The good news is, I'm a fighter, and if I just work out every day and don't put junk in my body I can be in total control, and hopefully I won't fall apart.  Then just for added measure, I also take a boat load of calcium just to make certain my bones stay super strong.


    Even in the winter months I ride my bike indoors, and along with strength training, the treadmill, and yoga, there is no way my body can fail me.

      As if that wasn't enough, I even worked with a Physical Therapist so I knew exactly what to do to stay strong.
        So the day of my yearly physical I went in very confident that my doctor would tell me I was doing everything right and I was as healthy as a horse... 

     Imagine my surprise when she told me my bones weren't the strongest bones she's ever seen, nor was my cholesterol absolutely perfect.  I asked her what more I could do, because I thought I already was doing my very best.  But she said she wasn't concerned and told me to just keep doing what I'm doing.

     My first thought was that obviously my best was a waste of time, and maybe I would do just as well sleeping in til noon and then having a hot fudge sundae with fruit loops on it for breakfast. (You know I didn't, but I wanted to...).

     Ironically, the next day, after I did my workout I got the mail and I happened to find an MS magazine.  On the front cover was a sub title "Is it MS or old age".  Of course I flipped right to that article because I certainly wanted to know.

     It mentioned that people with MS typically experience bone loss faster than normal due to calcium deficiency, and it stated that cholesterol is usually higher in people with MS as well. Hmm...  So I started thinking... what would happen if I was to roll over and give much worse would I be...

     My Neurologist appointment was later that week, and he told me he was extremely pleased to see how strong I've kept myself after living 30 years with MS.  So I guess I'm doing something right after all.

     My take away from this informative week was: I can work as hard as possible and be happy with my best, or I can give in to what ever life "decides" is my best.  I might not be able to control what my crazy body does, but you better believe... I'll sure give it a run for it's money:) 

Have a great weekend!!



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