Monday, September 21, 2015

It might be a rainy day outside, but it didn't stop us from going to the park:)

     Remember last weekend when it was 49 degrees and I said sitting inside drinking coffee sounded like a better idea than riding my bike...  Well, this past Saturday was a rainy day and I thought a much better idea would be to soak up some sunshine with my grandbabies:)

          I've seen some absolutely beautiful trails lately, but none that come even close to the smiles of my little cuties!!  Unlike flowers, these two seem to be growing right before my eyes, so I want to capture the moments when I can.

      My daughter Emily, the boys, and I, have spent many  Saturday afternoons at the mall lately, and it was time to have a change of pace.  However, going to a park would be a big muddy mess, for certain.  But that was okay, we went to an indoor park.

       This was called Playland.  Whoever invented it is a genius!  It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside It's always a nice day here.
     And the only way they could be any safer would be if they were in a rubber room (I know I've had days where I could have used one...). This place could put the "band-aid" company out of business...

       Connor certainly thought an indoor swing was a great idea!  The best thing since sliced bread (hard to believe sliced bread got so much rave...).

        And William was able be the monkey that he is, while the rubber floor is right there to catch his fall.  A lot different than the asphalt playgrounds I grew up with... (that would explain a lot!)
          This has to be a mother's dream.  The smile on Emily's face is proof:)  What's not to love??
          And with all this energy William is exerting, you can be sure he'll be tired when bedtime rolls around (and if I could read Emily's mind... I'm sure that's exactly what she's thinking).
           This is better than the most brilliant  sunset on any old bike ride; William's smile lights up the room on it's own:)
     And I just love my Connor-Grandma time:)  They said he had to wear socks, but you can see that was going to be short lived.
     This little contraption sure entertained William, but if it was in a living room I'm sure he would have plowed right into the TV... Boys and their cars...
          I know I have a million pictures of my favorite trails, but this day... these pictures, hands down, are the winners!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. They definitely grow and change faster than the scenery the trails! What an awesome day with the grands!!


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