Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One final leap for the leapfrogs!!

       It seems like the Bike To The Bay was forever ago and now we're finally down to the last two weeks to turn in money for Team Leapfrog.  And you know I don't quit until the very end:)

     My super amazing friends, and fellow Leapfrogs, Mary and hubby Kent, wanted to have one last little send off bash for the frogs, in the hopes of squeezing a few more bucks out for our team. 

     Mary made several attempts to hold it at her daughter's coffee shop, The Bleak House, a while back, but due to some conflicts, they ended up scrambling at the last minute to make sure to beat the cut off date.  But she did it!

How sweet is this girl!!

     Because of such short notice the crowd was lighter than we had hoped, but there was no denying it was full of leapfrog fans:)

     A few local musicians generously gave their time to entertain the group, and we couldn't have been more grateful.
          We just so happened to have some spare pink Leapfrog shirts on hand, and it didn't take much convincing to get even the guys to wear them:)
     Is this a typical "hen party" or what!?!?  A bunch of guys standing around talking about "guy stuff", wearing pink frog shirts:)  Hey, for us Leapfrogs, anything!!

     This guy below is Tom, one of my fellow Leapfrogs; he lead a 12 mile ride before the event, which conflicted with my schedule, so I wasn't able to ride, but next time for sure!!

          I know MS isn't on it's way out anytime soon, but I also know neither are all of my awesome buds.  If we all just stick together we can totally kick some MS butt!!  And I won't quit until the score is Frog 1 - MS none:)

Have a great day!!


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