Monday, September 7, 2015

Over the river and through the woods...

          "Over the river and through the woods", pretty much summed up our bike ride this past weekend, because we never knew from minute to minute whether we were in the  the big city or "hicksville".

     It started out on the east side of the Maumee river, in International Park, and from there our route took us on a wild goose chase (you'll see later...)

          The rays from the morning sun beating on the river painted quite an illumination of the Downtown Toledo skyline.  

          Heading out to the trail we passed by the Willis B. Boyer, which is a striking ship to see.
          We could see the iconic silhouette of the newly renovated I-280 bridge off in the distance, and after a few obstacles we would soon be riding under it.
          As you can see, the expressways all through Toledo aren't the only places causing us grief in our travels...  The Riverside Trail which was where we would begin was also a big crazy mess.  But once we dragged our bikes across this muddy heap it would soon be smooth sailing again.

        After we were on the other side of the construction we spent a good part of our ride going over and under bridges.  Pictured below is the I-280 bridge.

     And next we would be riding over the Craig Street Bridge, and as I took this picture of downtown Toledo you'll notice my proof; I actually take these pictures while I'm riding... riding on a bridge, one handed while snapping pictures... I'm becoming a real "dare-devil":)

        This was where city met country...
     Remember, I told you we were going on a wild goose chase...:)
     So we were over the river, now we had to make our way through the woods, but grandmother's house was nowhere in sight...

     And the horse didn't have to worry about any snow either...

     So once again we were back under that highway... by this time I was beginning to feel like a troll... :)
                          But how cool is this view...

     And before long, we were finally in the home stretch, heading back to International park; where we started.

     I just loved this ride, with all of it's change of scenery, and just like real life, it might sometimes seem like a wild goose chase...

     But I'll take that occasional goose chase, because I know at the end of the day...the view can be pretty awesome!!

Have a great day!!



  1. One of the things I love so much about Toledo is that wonderful variety of big city and small town, multi-story buildings and farms, so close and changing so quickly. :) It looks like it was a great ride.


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