Friday, September 4, 2015

No swans in this creek; but I found Deer...

     As you know, I always like to mix my rides up a bit and go from "bike trails" to "parks with trails" just for a change of pace.  In this case we decided to go to Swan Creek Park because I remembered from the last time we rode there we had a lot of hills a curves, and I could get a better workout in a shorter distance.

    One thing I remember from the last time we went was that the paved part of the trail wasn't entirely completed, but I wasn't sure at what point we would have to turn around and take a different rout.

     Regardless of the intense workout, it was a very nice trail, but as you can see below, we didn't see a single swan  in this creek...

     But what we did find was that area where the pavement stopped and we would need to find another route. 

     There was a fork in the road, so we had to take a minute to figure out which trail would be the better choice, and as we stood there we saw this cute little friend peak her head out to greet us.

        She posed as I took her photo, and I think she was trying to figure out if we were friendly...

          We must have looked harmless enough, because it wasn't long before she blazed a trail for he baby to follow behind her.

        And she didn't even stop to talk to strangers; good idea:)

     It seems like every trail I go on lately happens to have my pink flowers... then again, maybe it's just the pink ones that jump out because I'm obsessed with that color:)

      I had definitely experienced a lot on this short ten mile ride, between the deer, the pink flowers and all those crazy hills...

     But One thing I've come to realize in life is... the effort it takes to climb those hills makes the ride back down all worth it:)

Have a great weekend:)



  1. The deer shots are sweet but I LOVE the "No swans" shot. Fantastic composition looking through the tree at the creek. I just really like it. :)


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