Friday, September 18, 2015

Only crazy people ride in 49 degrees; call me crazy:)

          I know all seasons have to come to an end, but I'll never welcome the end of riding season.  Last weekend I got a taste of what was just around the corner; It was only 49 degrees, and I was going to be taking a bike ride.

     Three of us were planning to start at Pearson Park and make our way out from there.  But I wasn't looking forward to freezing my fingers off.  As you can see I had to pull out my winter bike jacket from the back of the closet.


         My riding buddies, however, were all gung ho; one in short sleeves and the other dressed for a blizzard.
     My suggestion was to ride around Pearson park and see how it went, and then we might venture on further if we felt like it. (Though inside drinking coffee sounded like a better idea...)

     Pearson Park has a bike trail, and half of the one-way road is a designated bike lane as well.  But as you can see below, I was having nothing to do with this gravel bike trail.  I must be developing a reputation, because my riding buddies saw it and immediately knew I would be geeked out.  No worries, we took the bike lane:) 

             The scenery from bike lane was much nicer anyway; I mean, you've seen one wooded bike trail, you've seen them all...

          No ponds like this beuty on the bike trail...
     We even saw a couple guys fishing; I could have been up for that if I could convince someone to put the worm on my hook... yuck!!

     However, the most breath taking moment was when we stumbled upon this huge field of wild flowers you see below...
         I sure wish you could have been on the ride with me because this picture didn't do it justice; it was amazing!!  I wanted to get off my bike and get right up to them... and I did:)
     Still not close enough...

     I've never seen anything like this in my life! Like the field of poppies in the "Wizard of OZ", only pink!!  And I sure wouldn't have seen it sitting inside drinking coffee:)

     Hang on... I'm not done showing you!! RIGHT?!?!

          We eventually made it out of the park and onto the "real bike trail" off the main road; somehow I had forgotten all about my cold fingers after my eyes were warmed up, and I was glad I decided to ride that day after all.

          I'm sure there are more warm days ahead before the season ends, but I know winter isn't too far off either.  I just have to keep reminding myself that just because something doesn't seem like a good idea at the time; doesn't mean it's not:)

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Even cold wimps like me tend to forget a little bit of the cold when my eyes warm me. A gorgeous sunny day makes a huge difference. The biggest difference between us on a 49 degree day is that when you go faster on the bike, you get even warmer. If I go faster in the power chair, the wind hits me and I get colder! LOL

    I couldn't have resisted getting closer to the flowers either. :)


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