Monday, September 14, 2015

Wouldn't a pink car just make sense?!

     As I've mentioned before; the car I drive has never been a top priority.  My first car took every one of my hard earned dollars; nine hundred to be exact.  It was a light blue, used "73" Nova with a manual transmission; and in this case "three on the tree":)  I only wanted four wheels and nothing else mattered.  

     Sure, as a young teen I can remember thinking someday when I have money to spare I would love to have a  fancy, shinny red sports car.  But it was more of a dream than anything.

     Then as I started having children, the only purpose of my car was to cart them all over town; so a mini van only made sense.  But I never wanted anything flashy; usually silver or forest green, because after all, I was a mom.

     As the years went by I had totally forgotten about my dreams from my youth, and anyone who knows me knows my two big obsessions in life (besides my kids) have been pink and frogs.  Being surrounded by them is very comforting.

     When my car of ten years eventually bit the dust I realized I no longer needed a "mom car"; I was finally at a point where it was completely my choice what I got.  All I needed was something to fit my bike.

     And trust me, if I could have found one in pink, I would have chosen that in a heartbeat.  But that wasn't an option.  Over the years I had become so used to silver that it soon became my uniform.  It was a nice subtle color; not loud or flashy. 

       I Asked Alex to make sure they had the SUV I had chosen, in the color "Meteor Gray", and I would pick it up the next day.  

     But at the last minute I was reminded of my long lost dream and I walked in and told Alex "I changed my mind; I want red!"  He smiled and said "good choice!"  

        After all... red is a shade of pink:)

     And as you can see; my bike fits perfectly!

    But lets not forget the frogs!

       I don't for a second regret my spontaneous choice.  Of course, I still believe that it doesn't matter what car I drive or what color it is.  A car is only a vessel to get me from point A to point B...

       But I've learned that once in a while it's nice to live life a little crazy:)

Have a great day!!



  1. Awesome! As a former member of the Red Car Nation I can definitely say you have the personality that goes with a red car. Women who drive red cars are known to be confident and driven. :)


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