Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's all in our head and the MRI is proof:)

Cousan'o's Steak House

       People might think MS is all in our head, and if this frog could talk I'm sure he'd agree, because in fact it is.  I spend a lot of time chasing down MS symptoms and trying hard to fight off disability, but it makes the chase more productive if I have a clue what's actually going on with my brain.

     That's why I find it extremely helpful to attend programs like this one at Cousano's Steak House.  My mom seems to enjoy going with me to these programs as well.  It's a nice evening together and I appreciate the fact that she wants to get a better understanding of what I'm going through. 

        This program last week was sponsored by a drug rep, and a Neurologist did the presentation.  A lot of people dread all of the MRS, but I actually love them.  How many people can show proof they actually have a brain:)

     And of course, I also love seeing one of my favorite friends, Janet Mohrmann who is an MS ambassador for the drug therapy I happen to be on.  Her smile is like a great big hug.

     And as if the program isn't interesting enough, Janet's story will make the trip out well worth it:)

        It's true MS can be a frustrating disease and I may never understand it completely, but with all the awesome friends I've made because of it, one thing's for sure... I'll never go through it alone:)

Have a great day!!


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  1. This was such a comforting post. My mom was recently diagnosed and it was heartbreaking. But she has found a great group of individuals who also have been diagnosed. They have been so great and all of our families have become incredibly close. There is no better way to get through this struggle than with a good group of friends.

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI


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