Wednesday, September 2, 2015

If I knew grand kids were this much fun I would have had them first!!

          I have many strategies to get through all of life's challenges. You know my bike and friends are some of the ways I keep positive.  But my kids and grandbabies put a smile on my face without even trying.  This cute little guy, Connor, can do no wrong in his grandma's eyes.

     Most women love to shop and also love to buy things. But all I need is time with those I love and I'll leave the shopping to all the others. 

     Now, I'm not saying money doesn't change hands; my cute little grandson William has me figured out.  Moms all know those silly little mechanical cars are a rip off at a buck a shot.  But William knows all it costs is a smile and Grandma melts.


     But I don't think I'm the only one William has wrapped around his finger... Uncle Matt doesn't seem to mind hanging out with his little buddy either.
          And Connor loves when he gets to be up where all the action is...
        That one dollar turns into many by the end of the day, but we all know, you can't take it with you.

     I'm not gonna lie, I am still a girl, and it's DNA to want to check out the mall sometimes.  I will say, who ever invented these double strollers are a genius because we get to keep track of the little guys while we scope out the rest of the place. 

      And confession time... As we all know, when I'm on my bike I can go as fast as my legs can pedal, but put my feet on the ground and then start a conversation with me, and my crazy feet and brain have their own agenda.  So if I push the stroller it makes me focus and not walk right out of my feet. 

     My daughter loves the fact she can keep the boys contained, but she also knows about my strategy.  I'll never forget a while back when we were just walking and talking and I forgot to concentrate on my toes.  The first time I stubbed them, we just smiled, but the second time Emily said "Mom, if you do that one more time I'm taking William out of the stroller and putting you in it!"  We laughed, but you better believe I focused from then on:)

          Connor doesn't see the problem; after all, I walk better than he does:)

     I know I may not have these cute little faces at my finger tips forever, but you better believe I'll soak them up every chance I get:)

 Have a great day!!


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  1. Well, my niecii were 11 before I started having knee and foot problems, so I never got to have a walker that cute! (Best walker I got had groceries in it!) William is a doll; of course Grandma is a pushover!


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