Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas shopping keeps me going!

isn't she too cute?!

      When it comes to shopping I'm really more of a "window shopper" than anything else.  When ever something catches my eye it isn't long before I talk myself out of it or remember I have one just like it at home.

     I really enjoy walking around the mall with my mom on any given Saturday, and even more-so  around the holidays.  I just love to see all of the interesting people, along with all of the decorations and lights.

     It's even more enjoyable when my Christmas shopping is done and I watch all of the others scrambling around like crazy people. 

      I usually spend the remainder of the time until Christmas checking to see if I got the best deal or not.  The better option would be to put my blinders on and step away from the racks; there's no turning back.

My sweet grandbaby William loves the excitement too!

     We'll enjoy it while we can, because it won't be long before we're saying once again "when's it gonna be spring?"

Have a great weekend!



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