Friday, December 20, 2013

Just keep asking

        When it comes to building my team, If I don't ask at every given opportunity then my job isn't done.  You just never know unless you ask.  So I was at an MS Lifelines meeting and I asked my new friends, Jim and Kelly Neville if they would join my team in the Bike-To-The-Bay, and I was pleasantly surprised when they were totally up for it.

     Next I kept my fingers crossed. I really hoped they wouldn't sleep on it only to tell me at the next meeting that they had changed their minds.

     However, at the next meeting, not only did they tell me they were serious about riding, but they were happy to pose for a photo as proof!  It absolutely made my day when they told me their 20 year old son Christoffer would also be on our team, and it doesn't stop there, because they weren't done asking!

  The number of people I've come across that want to help support this cause is unbelievable, and I'm sure there are many more out there as well. But one thing I've learned is if we don't keep asking we'll never find them.

Thanks Nevilles!!

Have a great weekend!!


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