Friday, December 27, 2013

The simplest things make my day!


     I'm not much of a gambler; things don't usually fall into my lap.  I've learned that I have to work for what I want in life.

     However, I do like going to the local casino every now and then just to drop a twenty into the penny slot machines. It gives me the feeling of being in Vegas without even jumping on a plane.  More times than not I end up making a donation to the economy, but once in a while I get lucky and make a buck or two!

     For the most part it's simply a fun night out, and it's one thing my son Matt and I can do together.  A while back I went with my 26 year old daughter Emily and though I didn't win big money, it was certainly a day to remember.

     As we were entering the casino I noticed the man checking people in was letting most of them slip right by, no questions asked.  As Emily and I approached the gate the man said "I need your IDs". I smiled and waited for Emily to pull hers out.  He then said to me "I need yours too".  I said "are you serious?!?!"  This is my daughter and I'm 50 years old!! He leaned in and looked at my eyes... then said "okay, you're good:)".  I guess the crows feet were a dead give away:)

     I could take offence to his snap judgement  but I would be a fool to think any 50 year old looked under age (except for Medicare,lol).  He told me I looked young and they're required to ask anyone under 35 for identification, so I was thrilled just to be lumped into that category.

     That day I certainly had an extra bounce to my step (of course maybe it was my "turbo leg" causing it...)  at any rate, my day was made and it's amazing how it's the simplest things in life that do it!

Have a great weekend!



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