Monday, December 30, 2013

Will he really wear a green mohawk??

     Remember my brother, the motorcycle rider with the bald head??  Remember he said he would join my team??  He even agreed to wear my pink frog shirt... But he also said he would have to have a green mohawk to make a statement.  But he's bald!  How is that going to happen?  So now he's like a chia pet, growing the hair back to get ready for the ride.  Most men shave their head to hide the fact that they are actually hairless.  Not Doug, he shaves his just to keep you guessing:)

     Now we'll sit back watch it grow, only to see him shave eighty percent of it off and turn it green.  I have to say, the hair color will compliment the shirt nicely.

The lengths some people will go just to raise awareness!!  This Bike-To-The-Bay will sure be memorable!

Have a great day!!


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