Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I just keep moving


     One thing I've discovered That Cinderella and I have in common is, at a certain point we both morph into a whole different creature.  Hers is at the stroke of midnight and mine is anytime that isn't 70 degrees and climate controlled.

     With having MS I've become a human weather gauge predicting how my body will react for that day.  Winter time its like cement and the summer its total mush.  In a perfect world it would be 70 and sunny, no humidity, with a slight cool breeze year round.  Of course, snow on Christmas Eve and gone the day after... oh yeah, can't forget about the flowers... and rain from one to four a.m.  Is that too much to ask??

     This past summer I discovered my bike was a great tool for getting me outside when the weather wasn't optimal.  But as the seasons change and the snow sets in I need to find another way to force myself outdoors.

     Snow skiing and ice-skating are out,  but last year I found another creative way to improvise.  My brother Doug has snow mobiles and asked me to go riding with him.

     We had a blast and I had totally forgotten I wasn't wonder woman!  That was until I got off of my snow mobile, stepped in a snow bank and lost my balance.  As I was laying there flat on my back, watching the snow hit my face I asked myself what any six year old child would do in my shoes... Yep, I made a snow angel:) 

From lemons to lemonade!!

Have a great day!

Christine :)

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