Monday, December 16, 2013

Lets ask Santa!!

     This time of year the last thing most people are thinking about is riding a bike; it's way too cold! Capital "C" old! Remember the Bike trail I loved to ride on just a couple of months ago??  Here it is now; YIKES!!  
Thanks for the snow:)

This looks like a bad hair day, but the 100 mile an hour wind and 20 degrees is the culprit, BRRR!!

I think I'll start a new trend!

     Yes it's cold now, but it won't be long before I begin begging for kind people to join my team for the Bike-To-The-Bay, and maybe Santa could help us out:)  

     If you're like me, you may (or may not) have a functioning bike, but none of the much needed gadgets to make the ride safer.  By now you've seen I have my helmet and over anything else that is the most important thing to have.  I take that back... you first need a functional bike, and then comes the helmet... (the chicken or the egg?!)  

     Of course, I'm asking Santa for lots of team members too, and I sure hope he comes through:)  So if you've been considering riding in the BTTB come spring this might be the nudge you need to take that "leap" with me. Just ask Santa!

     My official begging is a short ways off but it can't hurt to get you thinking, and in the mean time, I'll cross my fingers:)

Have a great day!


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