Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My gift of gab is priceless

     Maybe I do tend to run off at the mouth; at times and you might even call it a gift of gab, but here's proof that it is in fact a gift, because it just keeps landing me rider after rider for my team!

     When I was at the DMC Christmas party I started my recruiting again and by the end of the night I had several more of my co-workers anxious to ride on my team!

     Greg and Katelyn Gomach were very serious about this quest.  Katelyn rode in the past and was confident that she could get some of her friends to ride this year as well! It didn't take long before Greg was also on board. Now it looks like Santa may have to bring someone a new bike for Christmas:)

     They must have been serious because they allowed me to have our picture taken as proof, so I know they won't be backing out now:)  I'm very fortunate to have them on my team!  Thanks guys!

Have a great day!!




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