Friday, December 6, 2013

The slug bank: my strategy for survival

     Anyone who has MS will tell you that most of the time we're working with an energy deficit.  I personally can tell you that most days my body feels like lead and I feel like I weigh 300 pounds.  If I were to add fifty pounds of actual weight I would probably feel like a sumo wrestler.

     I'm not complaining, my condition just makes me stronger.  We only live once so it's up to me to have a strategy to keep my body as healthy and strong as possible, so I developed "the slug bank".  If I get up early when my energy level is at it's best and get my workout in, I will have made a deposit into my slug bank for later.

     The great thing about this bank is, later in the day when the rest of the world is scrambling to get  that workout in, guess what I'm doing... yep, being a slug, a guilt free slug!

     You've heard the old cliché "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels", well I have my own cliché, "nothing tastes as good as an hour in slugville feels".  When I look at a doughnut my slug calculator kicks in.  The average person would say "I'll just work it off later".   After my one to one and a half hour work out at 4:15 in the morning I'm not in the mood to make a deposit into my slug bank later.

     Of course I have to play mind games with my self to get through my workouts.  They tell you if you find a workout you enjoy you will stay with it.  Well, I have to say at 300 "mental" pounds there isn't a workout I love.  So I have to trick myself to get through it.  It's my daily ritual to talk myself out of quitting half way through.  What else am I going to do at 4:30 in the morning, sit and stare at four walls?? Then I pray to God for strength, thank him for the great friends in my life and just keep chasing that carrot knowing I'm making a deposit into my slug bank.  As long as I have a strategy my life is good!

Have a great weekend!



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