Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You're my inspiration

     I've had several people tell me in the past that I inspire them, and I have to say that as honored as I am to hear this, I feel like I should be the one saying this, because all it takes is one person to believe in me and that's what gives me strength. The encouragement I receive is very overwhelming.

     Sure, I have a few obstacles that I have to overcome, but every single one of us has something challenging in our life, and when we believe in ourselves then nothing is impossible.  

     If I can convince one person that their life has meaning then that person could make a difference in this world and it just goes on and on.  Faith is an amazing tool!

     If you have a time in your life that someone inspires you pass it on, because I must admit, you're my inspiration:)  Thanks!

Have a great day!


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