Monday, December 8, 2014

A real tattoo would be quicker!

          I told you I was painting a pink frog on my bionic leg, but I was beginning to think a frog tattoo was going to be quicker. 

What do ya think??  Uh... maybe I'll wait for the paint...

 My riding buddy Robert, who is also very artistic, made the stencil and I bought the paint, but it just never seems to work in our schedules to paint it on because it's a two day process.

  With the tattoo parlor we would be in and out:)

     The longer time went on I was tempted to just draw  a frog myself.  After all, I can draw a mean stick figure:)  I know... I need to be patient; anything worth having takes doing it right.  And in the end we'll all be happy:)

     So yesterday our schedules finally matched up and we were actually going to paint that frog.  I told you we would do it at the Bike Co-op because of the fumes.  We also wanted to get it done before the Sunday afternoon crowd came in, but in about an hour this place would be swarming with people working on bikes so we needed to get in and out before the craziness began.

      Below is the stencil that was cut out for the pink frog, but the helmet is green, so there had to be another stencil which would go on the dry pink paint, and it would take about a day to dry.  My bionic leg would have to spend the night at the bike Co-op.

We were using spray paint which could be messy, but painters tape worked well to protect the rest of the carbon fiber.

     By leaving a gap between the stencil and tape, we were hoping to have a pink boarder around the frog; That was my idea, and I hope it works...  Then we sprayed the entire area pink, and the next day we'll take off the tape as well as the first stencil, then we'll put the second stencil on, and paint on the green helmet, and add the eyes.  Yikes!!  I'm beginning to think the tattoo would sure be a heck of a lot easier...

   I'm with out my bionic leg for a couple of days, but it's worth it to finally get my pink frog!!  Check back to see the final result soon:)

Have a great day!!


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