Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Babies

     The loves of my life are my precious little grandbabies!  In my mind there is no one more adorable.  But for some reason every mom feels the need to throw the man with the big red suit into the mix to capture the spirit of Christmas.  I'm a mom so I know how this works.  You stand in line for two hours hoping to get the "perfect" picture with Santa, which almost never seems to be the case.

     My daughter Emily was no exception to the rule of Santa pictures.  Little William and Connor were going to sit on his lap if it was the last thing Mommy did. 

     Connor, who was barely a month old wanted nothing to do with this charade; unfortunately he was too little to have an opinion.  William, on the other hand at just under two knew for some strange reason this big dude in the white beard and red suit was all the rage, and people were lining up to see him, so it was worth giving him a chance.


          But after a while, William realized that he was wasting his time; he had places to go and people to see, so he proceeded to attempt his escape. 

   Sure, Emily got her Santa Picture "2014", and it will go in her family photo album to be buried with all of the other "good idea at the time" photos, but William was proof that even the tiniest brains might have the better ideas, because this picture below captured an obviously more pleasurable moment, and that was making a gingerbread house with mommy.  

     It looks as though William was saying "Thank you!  I'll be here all week!  Be sure to tip your waitress (AKA Mommy)",  A picture that captures a memory that will top any Santa photo for years to come.  Incidentally, more candy got in his tiny little tummy then on the house.

And for my next act...!

Have a great day!!


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