Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What a better way to end the year than a movie.

        Christmas is over, but my daughter Lindsay, was still on winter break.  We needed to find something exciting to do on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of winter.  A movie sounded as good of an option as any.

     I've been anxiously awaiting for the movie Annie to hit the theaters and now that it was, I was also hoping to find a Tuesday that worked, because this day the tickets were a little less than the fortune they cost on a regular day.  This wasn't Tuesday so I decided to splurge and pay full price.

     But if the cost of a ticket wasn't enough, then they had to show us a cartoon of dancing concessions hoping to suck 40 more bucks out of us.

     Those little boxes of popcorn and hotdogs could parade across the screen til they were blue; I wasn't cracking.  Back in my earlier years it wasn't a movie without polishing off an entire box of Goobers but my conscience got the best of me.  It was all or nothing and fortunately (or unfortunately) I chose nothing...  A movie with out eating?!?!  Am I a savage or what?!?!

      For those of us who weren't getting sucked into their ploy of handing over the rest of our bank roll, they had another strategy to brainwash us into giving them our every last nickle.  The next 20 minutes was filled with previews of all of the up and coming movies.  Now, before the movie even starts we can start contemplating what movie we'll go see next.  Seriously?!?!

     Then they tempt us with movies that weren't all that great the first time around and convince us that the sequel is even better.  Example; Mall cop... When I saw it the first time around it wasn't very good, but it was the company that made it palatable.  The company would have to be out of this world to stomach it a second time around.

I will say though, how cool would that be to tool around the mall on a segue!!

           Incidentally, I had to bribe my daughter with some of that "dancing garbage" to get her to take this selfie:)  Hey, there are some things I will part with my money for...  (and don't think she wasn't loving every minute of it!!  She was probably wondering how many likes she could get if she posted it on facebook,lol).

Have a great day!!


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