Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rowing is definitely a workout.

          You might remember last spring I recruited my friend and riding buddy Kristina  to join Team Leapfrog.  She's very involved in the Toledo Rowing club, and as it turned out she wasn't able to ride the day of the Bike To The bay due to her rowing commitment.

     The rowing club is across the river by International Park and we ran into Kristina many times on our rides in the city.  Now that it's winter and rowing season is over, Kristina moved the rowing machines used for practice to a building in Downtown Toledo as a way to utilize these machines through the Winter.

     She invited me to come down and try them out, and I must say, these machines are quite the workout.  Not only do they work every muscle in your body, but it also requires real brain power.  You have to be on your toes to make sure to make the correct movement in the right sequence to operate these these machines properly.

     The day she had me test them out, she only had four of the machines moved into a smaller office area, but her goal is to move all of about 20 machines into this building in a much larger space and conduct rowing classes.  I thought I had tried every workout there was, and now I have yet one more option:)

     Kristina also invited a Yoga instructor by the name of Sandy to follow the rowing session with a small Yoga class, just to stress the importance of stretching your muscles after such an intense workout.

     Incidentally, a while back when I mentioned my leg quit working and miraculously yoga got it working again; well Sandy confirmed that yoga absolutely can help muscles that don't co-operate due to MS.  The oxygen to the brain can  wake the nerves up that aren't firing properly to the muscles.  Glad to know I'm not crazy...

    I'm not sure where I might fit rowing into my workout line-up, but if there is a way, you know I'll find it:)

Have a great day!!


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