Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It worked for Venus!!

        So now that the pink frog was painted on my brace I had to wait 24 hours to let it dry.  Luckily I was at work all day and  I had less chances of forgetting I didn't have my brace on and tripping...

     Sure, my bionic leg is helpful in stopping my leg from buckling when I walk, but in a perfect world I wouldn't HAVE TO have it.  but since I do, I hope my pink frog will help me deal with it:)  If nothing else, maybe strangers will say "cute frog!"  rather than "what happened?!", which incidentally, I've found the best answer to cut the conversation short... "I'm just a walking mess!!", or "bar fight...".  Where do you go from there??  

     So it was day two of my frog painting and we went back to the bike co-op.  

     We took the stencil off and the pink frog was nice and securely in place. The next step was to put the helmet stencil on the dry pink paint and tape that off too.  later we would draw in the eyes with a white paint pen.

     It was hard to know how the helmet was turning out until we took the stencil off.  But once we did we discovered the best laid plans don't always go the way they were intended.

     A combination of the paint not adhering enough and the stencil adhering too much, and we ended up with some real abstract art:)

     My buddy Robert was very disappointed because he worked so hard to make those stencils.  My poor froggy was armless.  

     The funny thing was, to someone who is very artistic this is a failure.  To someone creative, this is a masterpiece!!  It worked for Venus De Milo.  His sculpture with one arm missing made him a very famous man, and that piece of art has been admired by millions and millions of people over the years.

     Robert wanted to scrape the paint off immediately and start over, but I told him to leave it just the way it is.  Sure, someday we might try again or try to fix what we have.  But for now I'm just happy to be sporting such a unique piece of art.  Besides, now I have an even more interesting story; forget the bar fight:)

Have a great day!!


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