Monday, December 29, 2014

Boys and their toys.

     I have never been one to expect a lot for Christmas; I would rather see the look on someone else's face when I figured out the perfect gift.  However, the gift wrap it's self is enough to put a smile on my face, no matter what's underneath it.  To know someone was thinking about me is the best gift of all.

   When I started shopping for my little grandbaby William, I knew what ever I got him had to be rugged and tough, and gender appropriate.  I asked his mom for gift ideas and she told me he loves pushing her vacuum cleaner.  Who was I to judge; isn't gender neutral all the rage these days??

      I looked all over town until I found a toy Hoover vacuum cleaner that looked just like the real thing, only smaller.

     But of course Grandmas have to spoil their grandchildren, so I wasn't done shopping yet.  This was when I had to put on my thinking cap and get into a little boy mindset.

     After finding a few more random toys I came across a huge box with a picture of a toy Black & Decker workbench on it.  This was the perfect little boy gift. Now he could also be just like daddy; I was finally done with my shopping for William.

     Then Baby Connor, at only one month old, was happy as a pig in mud to simply eat and sleep.  So the little menial gifts I bought him wouldn't make a bit of difference.  They would only end up in a corner somewhere.

     On Christmas Eve, as I kind of expected, William opened the vacuum and pushed it back and forth a few times, then set it aside, in the hopes of finding something more interesting.  

     He loved the huge gift-wrapped box containing the workbench, but after the brightly colored paper was off he no idea how he was supposed to play with it.  I never stopped to consider it would need to be put together.

     William and daddy went to town, both with screwdrivers in hand, using a team effort to conquer this project.

     I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out what toy would make a little boy happy.  I think the daddy and son team had quite an adventure creating this master piece.

      Then I discovered the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  William, like a typical guy, got sidetracked and soon his eyes were peering on the TV.  

          After wandering briefly, William remembered he and daddy had a project to finish, and the two of them worked side by side to complete the task.

       I know Christmas isn't about finding the perfect gift, but by the look on these boys' faces I would say we all hit the nail on the head:)

Have a great day!!


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