Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas is over: now what can I obsess over??

        It seems like we've been working like crazy for a Million years to get ready for Christmas; when in reality we should have been ready all year long.  Now that there are land fills with three Billion tons of Christmas wrap in them it's time to focus on everyday life again.

     I already started the ball rolling for the bike to the bay, but I have to have a lot more than that to keep me on track during the cold winter months.

     Maybe I'll start obsessing about my trip to Florida next month;  I'm sure that will make life interesting while I'm waiting for the spring thaw.

     I can spend countless hours on the internet researching all of the things I can't and can take with me.  If I'm well educated I should be able to make it through security unscathed.  I'm usually pretty good at convincing people I'm harmless, but I have a feeling Airport security  personnel might be ruthless.   I'll save that for getting out of a speeding ticket;)

     The first thing I did to make sure my luggage gets to it's destination was buy the most practical suitcase that was exactly the regulation measurement for carry-on, light as a feather, with wheels that swivel so much that my luggage and I could fall off a cliff and my luggage would be upright at the bottom. 

Then Piggy-back a tote... perfect!!

     Now I have a month to pack it so that not even an eighth  of an inch of space is wasted; that tiny suitcase has to have everything I need in case I was to get stranded on a desert Island for six months... Hey, you don't know!  I guess I better start packing;  this could take a while...

Have a great weekend!!


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