Friday, December 19, 2014

It's still freezing, but Team Leapfrog is Hopping.


     You saw my wishful thinking the other day, but this is reality.  It is still freezing!  The amazing thing is, a lot of Team Leapfrog is ready to go.  When the first day of registration came about I had 12 team members jump on board.

     I'm a true creature of habit, and I absolutely hate change due to my fear of not being able to adjust to the new normal.  You would think by this stage of the game I would know it always works out.

     I had a few team members say they weren't able to ride this year, a couple of them were ones that had pushed me hard last year to keep going when I began to doubt myself. For a few minutes I started thinking it was a lot of work and stress last year, and maybe no one would care if I dropped out too. 

     After I had a chance to process the change I started to see that the gaps would eventually fill themselves in.  My riding buddy Robert who has MS but rode in the BTTB for 12 years had thrown in the towel last year because of the physical challenge he faced, but encouraged me to carry the torch.  This year I convinced him that If I can do it he can't bail.  Now he's back on our team.  Robert is also trying to recruit riders who were on his team before.

     Then I looked on the list and saw a lady by the name of  Arlene signed up.  She was a stranger I met at Dick's sporting goods over the summer.  After telling her my story she said she wanted join my team.  She was serious!  The first day of registration her name was on our team list.  

     Remember, Team Leapfrog was based on the leap of faith that together we could do this; even those of us who are there in spirit.   

     So it's official; this team is going full force again and it's our leap of faith that will carry us:)

Have a great weekend!!


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