Wednesday, December 3, 2014

There's a blanket on my bike trail; I sure will miss him

     I was driving past Wildwood park the other day and my car sucked me right back in.  I think it's like a homing pigeon, going back home.   The trees and grass were covered in snow but I really wanted to go back and see my old friend.  My bike was no longer in my car but I sure missed the days of jumping on it and heading to the trail.

     Here's what it looked like.  It was a little sad to see, but this is life with four seasons.   If I did snow shoes or was a skier  I would be in heaven, but for now I'll just sit and wait patiently for my day to come.

     Remember that crowded parking lot??  Those were the days...  They'll be back before you know it:)  And we'll all be riding again.

     Ironically, a couple of days later the snow was gone and I was tempted for a second to take my bike off the trainer and head back out there, but that sounded too much like work and so my bike stayed put indoors.  And the snow kept coming back...

     The good news is, it's only a few weeks now until the days start getting longer and my bike and I will be back on the trails again:)

Have a great day!!


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