Monday, December 15, 2014

Date for the 2015 Bike To The Bay

     No, this isn't where I am right now, just wishful thinking:) But I'm starting to get psyched up for the next bike to the bay.  They just announced the dates for the 2015 ride and it's only a matter of time before the riding season is here again.

     The Official dates are June 20 and 21.  Registration starts today.  Last year Team Leapfrog was a new team and I had no idea how many riders we could drum up, but I set a goal of 25, and when we reached that goal I changed it to 50.

     Though we didn't quite make that goal of 50, we ended up with 44 on our team (41 who were able to ride).  I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined we could grow that big.

     This year we plan to exceed 50 riders for sure and hopefully pass the 22,000.00 we raised as a team last year. Our new goal is to top 30,000.00 to represent 30 years of my life with MS.

     Anyone interested in joining our team can e-mail me at the e-mail address on this blog.  Please help us wipe out MS!!

Have a great day!!



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